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Discover the Heart of Sicily with Every Spoonful!

Embark on a sensory journey with the exceptional Antica Sicilia Crema di Limone, a lemon cream spread that encapsulates the very essence of Sicily. Crafted from lemons nurtured in the volcanic soils of Mount Etna, each spoonful offers a unique and intense flavor, a testament to the unmatched quality of this gourmet delight.


Indulge in the Vibrant Legacy of Italian Craftsmanship. Each 210g (7.41oz) jar of Crema di Limone is a testament to Sicily's rich culinary traditions. The lemons are carefully selected and harvested at peak ripeness, ensuring that every spoonful carries the full, vibrant essence of the fruit. The result is a luscious, velvety spread that marries the tangy zest of Sicilian lemons with a silky, creamy texture that melts delightfully on the tongue.


Transform Your Meals into Gourmet Experiences. Elevate your breakfast by spreading a layer of this citrusy delight on warm, buttered toast or croissants. Incorporate it into your brunch by swirling it into smoothies or drizzling over pancakes. For snacks, pair it with cheeses or use it as a dip for fresh fruits. Antica Sicilia Crema di Limone is versatile enough to enhance sweet and savory dishes, making it a perfect addition to any food lover’s pantry.


A Gift of Sicilian Sunshine. Perfect for those who cherish gourmet flavors, Antica Sicilia Crema di Limone makes a thoughtful and luxurious gift. It’s not just a spread but a shareable slice of Sicilian heritage and the rich, volcanic earth that makes this island so special.


Embrace the Taste of Sicily Today! Don’t miss out on this culinary treasure. Whether as a treat for yourself or a gift for a fellow connoisseur, Antica Sicilia Crema di Limone is sure to impress with its deep roots and spectacular flavor.

Antica Sicilia Crema di Limone 210g (7.41oz)

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